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  Home Owners/Backyard Putting Greens


If you are purchasing products for your home/ backyard putting green here are a few suggestions to order by:



Generally speaking there are 2 basics sizes and 2 different composites when ordering cups for your green. Either a 4” “Practice” green cup or 6” “Regulation” greens cup.  Both practice green and regulation greens cups measure 4.25” in diameter which meet USGA regulations. The basic difference is the depth and height of each cup.  Practice greens cups are only 4” in height and have less depth because they only need to secure a short (24” up to 30”) practice putting stick usually with a “retriever” base.  Regulation greens cups are 6” in height and slightly deeper since they are made to hold a 7 foot to 8 foot flag stick with full size flag (Think windy open areas as opposed to small enclosed areas).


The prices vary depending on size and the material used in manufacturing:

P160 4”  Plastic Practice Greens Cup $3.95 each.

P160AL 4”  Aluminum Practice Greens Cup $12.50 each.

G505 6”  Plastic Regulation Greens Cup $5.40 each.





Practice rods are usually 24” or 30” in height and come with an almost flat “retriever” base and “T” top. The retriever base is slightly contoured on the bottom to fit firmly into any cup.  The “T” top fits easily between two fingers and allows you to just pop the balls out of the cups after you have drained a putt.  The “T” top unscrews and allows a nylon “tube” practice flag to slip over the rod.  Practice flags measure approximately 4” x 6”.  Flags and rods with bases are sold separately.  The flags come in just about every color and the rods with base are usually white or yellow.  Retriever bases are always white and colored stripes can be added to any rod for an up charge. 


Nylon flags can also be numbered but are sold only in sets of 1-9.

P100-24   24” Putting Stick With Retriever Base $15.65 each

P100-30   30” Putting Stick With Retriever Base $19.90 each

P500-  4” x 6” Nylon Tube Style Flag $5.46 each

P555-  4” x 6” Nylon Tube Flag With Numbers 1-9 $74.70 per set of 9.




Another option is to use fixed head style practice green rods with bases.  These are either 24” or 30” practice rods with a firm fixed head in a pennant flag design or fixed round head design with or without engraved numbers 1-9.  Both lengths come with ball retriever bases and the numbered styles are sold in sets of 9 only.

P130-24P   24” Rod With Plain Round Head No Numbers $25.62 each

P130-24  24” Round Head With Numbers $230.58 per set of 9 ($25.62 ea.)

P130-30P   30” Rod With Plain Round Head No Numbers $26.78 each

P130-30   Round Head With Numbers $241.02 per set of 9 (26.78 ea)

P131-24P   24” Rod With Plain Flag Head No Numbers $28.14 each

P131-24   Flag Head With Numbers $253.26 per set of 9 ($28.14 ea)

P131-30P   30” Rod With Plain Flag Head No Numbers $29.51 each

P131-30   Flag Head With Numbers $265.59 per set of 9 ($29.51 ea.)




(Note*In most cases you will not want these for your backyard putting green.  However if you plan on creating a chipping area you may want to chip too a regulation, full size flagstick and flag.)  Flag sticks found on golf courses are usually 7’, 7.5’ or 8’ in height, are ½” to ¾”  in diameter and are designed to accept a 13” x 19” nylon tube style flag.  The base of almost all regulation flag sticks comes with an aluminum “ferrule” that fits all regulation cups.  The popular practice of sanding greens after aeration has lead to the development of ferrules that won’t “stick” in the cups if sand finds its way to the meeting point of both ferrule and cup surfaces.  All of the following flag sticks will be non-stick by design.

The most common and least expensive flag stick is a 7’ x ½” fiberglass pole with a threaded acorn nut at the top that will accept a tube style flag.  The ferrule design has some slots in it that will allow sand to fall through the cup and therefore won’t stick.  The next size up is an 8’ x ½” flag stick with the same ferrule design.  Other common 7 and 8 foot flag sticks are the tapered tournament style flag sticks that are ¾” thick at the mid way point tapering to ½” at the top and bottom.  The tapered tournament style was designed to be a little more visible from the fairway and a little sturdier during high winds.


G414    7’ x ½” Flags Stick $14.91 each

G430    8’ x ½” Flag Sticks $15.65 each

G400    7’ Tapered Tournament Flag Stick $32.50 each

G405    8’ Tapered Tournament Flag Stick $34.39 each


The other popular flag sticks available from Eagle One is the Standard Golf family of sticks that incorporates their patented “Smart Fit” ferrule.   All Standard Golf flag sticks are 7.5’ in length and must be used in conjunction with their “ribbed” ST2000 non stick cup.  The “Smart Fit” ferrule of the Standard Golf flag sticks have small notches cut in them on the underside of the ferrule itself that fits securely in the ribs of the cup- similar to the way the teeth of two sprockets join together.  The combination of the ribbed cup and notched ferrule create a non stick / interlocking situation that works extremely well in high wind areas.

Standard Golf flagsticks are available in regular 7.5’ x ½” or tapered tournament style 7.5’ x ¾”.


ST26100 7.5’ x ½’ Flag Stick With Smart Fit Ferrule $15.90 each

ST26300 7.5’ x ¾” Tapered Tournament Stick $36.00 each

ST18222 Ribbed ST2000 Non Stick Plastic Cup $7.90 each

ST18333 Ribbed ST2000 Non Stick Aluminum Cup $19.90 each





If you have a synthetic green you most likely will not need this tool since the hole locations will not change.  However if you do own a real grass / turf green you should occasionally change the hole location giving relief to overplayed areas.  When changing hole locations start by removing all cups.  Best for home use is a Standard Golf Magnum lever action, scalloped shell, ash handled hole cutter.  The scalloped shell works like a seriated edged knife. By twisting the handle left then right while putting downward pressure on the unit you will see the ejection lever rise as the shell cuts its way into your green.  When the shell has cut deep enough (this cutter comes with a “depth gauge” that forces you to stop cutting and insures a uniform depth of plug), slowly pull the whole cutter up and out of the hole.  Do not pull the ejection lever at this point: the “plug” should be intact inside of the shell.  Go to where the old hole was and insert the complete shell with the plug inside and when you have push it down to where the “depth gauge” hits the green surface eject the plug using the handle on the side of the cutter.  The plug should force the shell up and out of the old hole.  Tamp down the plug so that it is the exact height of the green.  You will notice a ring for a couple of days where the old hole was this is normal.

ST28970 Scalloped Shell Lever Action Hole Cutter With Depth Gauge $189.90



The USGA requires that a cup be set exactly 1’ below the putting surface.  A cup setter accepts the top of the cup and then seats it at exactly the 1” depth.  It also flattens down any uneven areas around a newly cut hole.


G003 Cup Setter $30.35



Single prong one piece easily pulls cups up and out of holes.


ST33200 Cup Puller $4.50



The real deal, just like you find on a tee box.  Spice up your backyard putting green with this great accessory.  The cast aluminum Eagle Ball Washer works with an internal agitator assembly that rolls the golf ball over nylon brushes that will leave your golf balls shinny bright.  Use with ball washer detergent or dishwashing liquid.  Easy access drain plug in the front of unit allows for quick drainage of old water. Just grab the top knob and work up and down for quick ball cleaning. Ball Washer, support pipe and base all sold separately.


T112 Eagle Ball Washer $181.68 each

T112B Base For Ball Washer $82.32 each

T120-34 Support Pipe 34” For Ball Washer $39.06 each

T099 Ball Washing Solution $12.50 p/gallon



These are the same benches you are apt to find on renowned golf courses the world over.  We would recommend a simple 4’ mall or 4’high back bench for your back yard golf.  Made of 100% GREENWOOD our benches are almost maintenance free and weather proof.  Our benches are built to withstand the coldest of climates in the north as well as the hottest conditions of the deserts of the southwest and everything in between.  Many color combinations available.


T238 4’ Backless Mall Bench $203.07 each

T230 4” High Back Bench $352.28 each



Makes picking up loose balls a breeze.  The Original Bag Shag is a durable canvas bag that zips up one side for easy unloading. Just press the tube down on

the loose balls and they snap up and into the bag area- hold 70 balls.  Also available from Eagle One is the clear plastic Ball Tube, made of hard plastic

this unit holds 21 balls.


P184 Original Bag Shag $38.61

P185 Ball Tube $10.92




Just like your favorite driving range.  Choose between a powder coated steel tube single bag stand or a GREENWOOD folding bag stand.  Both are very durable and very popular.


P090 Single Steel Bag Stand $31.03 each

P092 Single Recycled Plastic Bag Stand $76.44 each



Just like a bag drop area.  Now all of your buddies will have a place to put their bags.  This unit holds 3 bags and is made of our durable 100% GREENWOOD with our patented “Diamond Pattern” engraved in it.


C045DP  GREENWOOD Three Bag Rack $262.29 each



Now you can practice sooner after a downpour by using a roller squeegee to clear away standing water.  Use the most popular 24” size with a 60” handle or the wider 36” model and just push like a yard broom.  Roller squeegees works great for pushing standing water on patios also.


ST71324 Magnum Roller 24” Squeegee $150.00 each

ST71336 Magnum Roller 36” Squeegee $178.00 each


These are just some select items that are ordered most frequently by home owners.  Please feel free to choose any other product's you may find throughout our main Eagle One's web site or catalog.